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A wealth of experience

Scotsroots has a wealth of experience in Scottish family history research and we are here to help you unlock the story of your family’s past.

Scotland has a long history of keeping records, some of which date as far back as the 16th. century.

These records provide interesting information about family members, their residences, occupations as well as dates of birth, marriage, death, causes of death and their wills.

All of these records are easily accessible to us here in Edinburgh.

Your first stop to find your Scottish roots, Scottish ancestry, Scottish genealogy and Scottish family tree.

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What Do We Need To Start Your Research?

Email us with the information you have about your Scottish family. For a successful search give us as much information about your Scottish family member. If possible, give us a date of birth, death, or marriage in Scotland, the name of your Scottish family member (including middle names where possible) and where in Scotland they lived at a particular time.

Other Research

You may only want specific information on a particular individual or family and do not wish us to carry out a full family history research. Email us—tell us what it is you would like to find out. We do not charge for an initial search. For a more detailed search contact us to find out details of costs.

We Have Many Happy Clients

What Our Clients Say

I asked Donna to investigate some mysteries in my family history some years ago. The end product was fascinating, enlightening but above all produced information that none of my (large) family had ever guessed. Apart from the routine searches of my ancestors she focused on my mother's middle name "Cosier" and after some painstaking work revealed a wonderful story involving the French butler, of thwarted love in Edwardian Britain and a tragic end in the battlefields of the Somme. If you think nothing ever happened in your family think again and perhaps Donna might just prove you wrong.
Ian Grant Fraser
Crichie Aberdeenshire
Mrs. Donna Cooper undertook to research my family's lineage at my request, and I must state that I am extremely pleased with the results. Her thorough research and attention to detail is unmatched. I was supplied with copies of birth and death certificates, the will and testament of my great-grandfather, the coroner's report on my father's accidental death as well as grave site and cemetery photographs and the locations of where my ancestors had lived. At the beginning of the project I had no idea of the extent to which Mrs. Cooper would go to complete her research. I am very, very satisfied with her services.
Peter JS Raitt
Prince George BC Canada

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